Customer Relationship Management, & Marketing Automation

At Serex, “Capture-Nurture-Convert”, is our battle cry. Successful marketing campaigns attract all kinds of traffic (web, brick & mortar, phone & etc.). Fact is, “79% of marketing leads never convert”, This expensive conversion failure is due in part to not systematically capturing and following up on attracted leads.

For decades, Serex has been taking the baton from where marketing leaves off by providing CRM & Marketing Automation solutions to capture, nurture and ultimately convert attracted traffic. These same solutions ultimately end up nurturing the converted customer through their entire lifecycle by helping to keep the elusive retention rate as high as possible.

There is a flood of CRM and marketing automation solutions available today, each with their strengths and weaknesses. We help companies wade through the raging river of options and offerings to provide automation solutions that are the best fit. These services are complimented with a host of call centre offerings that help seal the conversion loop tight !

Best CRM & Marketing Automation Solution for Your Business

Whatever your business challenges –  you need to connect the communication gaps with your customers and prospects. Every company needs to have “one voice”. Consistent communications and messaging from everyone on your team.

From small to large enterprises, we understand the challenges you face. Since 1993 Serex has helped  hundreds of North American organizations.

Serex knows CRM and Marketing Automation in-side and out. Founded in Toronto in 1993, we have implemented hundreds of these automation solutions across Canada and the U.S.A.

We’re familiar with all the leading CRM and Marketing Automation solutions. Our primary focus is to identify your business processes and recommend the best option (and sometimes there may be more than one solution choice).

Our Five easy step process to launch your tailored CRM or Marketing Automation solution.
Discovery Phase

Identify your business requirements, objectives and processes. We will interview  each team member to identify their individual processes and ‘pains’.


Based on the discovery phase we will document your business processes. Then, a solution which addresses every aspect of your business will be outlined. It will combine various technologies, products, and services. Sometimes it may entail process changes.


Based on the comprehensive customization required to meet your unqiue business objectives, we can integrate existing client information importing files from across your organization.


We will develop a training schedule that will make sense for your expanded team. It will likely involve a combination of classroom and distance learning techniques (internet based).

Post-training and ongoing support

A successful CRM implementation requires ongoing training and support of all users.

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