Welcome To Serex Sales Automation Services

Whether you spend advertising dollars on traditional print, radio, TV or the various web marketing strategies the goal is to attract prospects either to a website, a phone number, a brick and mortar address an email address or a social media landing page.


At Serex we “take the baton” from where attraction leaves off. We setup CRM and Marketing Automation that:

  1. Provide a place to capture and register those attracted leads
  2. Provide the Marketing Automation tools that will allow for the nurturing and eventual conversion of those leads
  3. Even provide the entire Marketing Automation nurturing and conversions as a service


We compliment the above with a host of Call Centre Services that include:

  1. Appointment setting
  2. Follow up nurture calls
  3. Order taking
Our Skills
  • Requirements Analysis and Process Mapping 100%
  • Automation Tool Selection 100%
  • Deployment 100%
  • Training 100%
Who Is Serex Sales Automation
Our Company Mission

To increase overall Marketing Efficacy by Eliminating Follow Up Failures

The Serex Philosophy

Most companies are spending tons of dollars on advertising. Our experience has shown that most leads are not only rarely converted but are almost never followed up! We have shown that our various CRM & Marketing Automation Solutions will increase both conversions and the percentages of actual follow ups.

The Serex Promise

Don’t trust our words, listen to that of our long list of satisfied clients. In most cases, Serex has become an integral part of their respective businesses and has provided services professionally, promptly and has provided tremendous value.

Robert Saul


Robert Saul, has over 30 years of experience in the sales and marketing field, having dedicated the past 25 plus years providing solutions for automating, lead capture, retention and conversions for mid to large clients.  As President of Serex Sales Automation Services (division of Serex Corp), Robert has been responsible for hundreds of CRM and Marketing Automation deployments, making him one of the leading experts in his field. Previously, Robert held the role of the Senior Design Engineer at Sur-Gard Security Systems Ltd and was either involved or directly responsible for the commercialization of most of the Sur-Gard product lines.  After becoming a Partner, Robert was responsible for directing and leading the sales and marketing team, which eventually led to a successful buyout by a leading security company.

Robert holds an Engineering Degree from Concordia University, a Process Control Degree from Vanier College as well as a number of CRM and Marketing Automation system certifications including Infusionsoft, ACT, SageCRM and others.