** 85% of All Tradeshow Leads Are Never Followed Up **

This according to a recent survey

Interesting Numbers

  1. 85% of tradeshow leads go unfollowed up (ok we know that one)
  2. 80% of leads that are considered dead that have a need for your product but say NO today … Will buy from you, or a competitor within TWO years
  3. 67% of warm prospects that say NO today … Will buy from you, or a competitor within ONE year

Hunters Vs. Farmers

There are many reasons for show lead follow-up failure. The main one is that many business owners and even some sales managers do not distinguish between two very important sales representative characteristics:

          • Hunters
          • Farmers

If control of the farm is given to hunters, chances are high, that crop yield will be low.

If control of the hunt is given to farmers chances are high that the catch will be small.

In both cases … Starvation

Trade show leads are typically disseminated to sales staff at the booth. Problem is, in most cases, those same salespeople are the hunters of the organization who are remunerated on what they sell today and don’t care about sales that are too far in the future!  Hence the low hanging fruit (15%) is very well served and the rest (85%), is placed in a box that is typically lost. 

So why not outsource those leads to professional farmers like us? 

We will …..



Serex will provide you with the lead capture mechanisms required


Serex will help you build a 12 month follow up nurturing campaign ensuring that the lead will be contacted at an appropriate frequency until they are converted


Once the lead is ready to convert … We direct them back to your hunters (your sales team) for the close.

Follow Up Failure Is Very Expensive

Look around at all the activity in your booth and the ones adjacent to yours. It is a fact that only 15% of those show leads will actually be followed up, 85% will be left to collect dust.

At Serex we are providing a service where you give us all the gathered leads that will not close immediately, that the hunters left behind, and we will follow them up for you. You can choose to either have us just nurture the leads by email, SMS or via our Call Centre sending emails, SMS’s, and making follow-up calls.

The Process Details

We setup a webform where your sales people or the booth visitors themselves enter their qualification information via a smartphone, tablet or connected computer. This webform is customized to capture all pertinent qualification information specific to your business and will also immediately capture email consent. Once the information is filled out we automatically score all the visitors in order to nurture them accordingly

Prefer to give us a photocopy of all the cards you need followed up … No problem !

Prefer to give us the show registration database for us to import … No problem !


After determining the preferred form of communication and the sensible frequency of contact with the prospect, together, we craft a follow-up campaign that may consist of a combination of emails, sms’s, and phone calls. This ensures post show contact with the prospects for 12 months (usual contract duration).


Once the leads are ready to convert … We direct them back to your hunters for the close … Your sales team!

All responses to the nurturing sequences will be reported directly to you so that your sales team can close the deal.
Our sales staff will convert the deal for you and provide you with an order.

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