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The purpose of this process is to identify as many of the goals, definitions, timelines and details necessary to plan and implement a successful customer relationship management system (CRM) deployment. Below are some of the steps that Serex will take in order to select and configure a proposed solution.

Information will be gathered by interviewing all the key decision-makers, managers and some of the field personnel (individually and as a group), to gauge exactly what all their respective requirements are from the solution. During this phase, all required management reports will be identified and all database fields will subsequently be defined. Once this information has been gathered Serex will develop a project, implementation and training plan that will be agreed upon by all parties.

Once the discovery phase is completed and all the necessary data is collected, an analysis is required. At this phase, a detailed plan will be developed, based on the data gathered, that lays out the entire project – installation, consulting, customization, rollout, training, support, and more.

This is an overview of the needs analysis phase; we could not emphasize enough the importance of the needs analysis. It helps us identify most of the potential problems and lays out in a systematic way the entire requirement and rollout of the project. By giving our professionals a snapshot of the requirement prior to the installation, we are also better able to determine which products or product sets will handle the requirement best, reducing substantially the probability (and agony) of implementing the wrong product. It also allows us to determine any other type of training that maybe required (Word, Excel, Windows, etc.).

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